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Unlimited Learners
Unlimited Instructors
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Website Builder
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Unlimited Learners
Unlimited Instructors
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Admins
All You Need to Scale
Custom Domain
Mobile Apps
Full Stack EdTech Suite
Account Manager
You only pay for Admins & Bandwidth Overage.
We firmly believe in value-based pricing and hence charge only for what you use. As our esteemed partner, you only pay for what you need (when you need it).
Administrator Accounts
Can create content & manage admin operations.

Learner Accounts
Users of your website including registered ones.

Instructor Accounts
Teachers of your classrooms who delivers live classes.

Cloud storage
All videos and learning contents of your classrooms.

Streaming Bandwidth
Data transfer from the cloud consumed by your users
Do I need to enter my credit/debit card details to sign up?
No. You can sign up without entering your credit/debit card details and use our free plan as long as you want. Whenever the free usage limits are not sufficient for you or require additional features, you can reach us to our team who will help you to subscribe for our paid plans. You can choose a monthly or annual plan that fits your budget for which you will asked to tag your credit/debit card or activate auto debit directly from your bank account.
Do you Charge any installation or setup Fee?
There is absolutely no setup fee for any of our plans. You can launch your online teaching business entirely for free of Cost!
How do I calculate my Monthly Bandwidth Usage?
Let's say you upload a video content which of size 100 MB, if there are 100 students and assuming all 100 students view your 100MB video then your bandwidth consumption is roughly 10 GB (100 MB X 100 students). Every plan of ours comes with a monthly bandwidth usage limit and we charge only for bandwidth consumed by your users post the given limit.
Can I offer free products/courses with EdisonOS?
Yes, you can absolutely offer free courses in all our plans.
Can I use my own domain name?
Yes! Once you subscribe to our paid plans, you can link your own domain name (website URL of your choice).
Can I carry over my unused bandwidth for a month?
If you subscribe to our annual plan, we allocate an aggregated bandwidth for 12 months. It is cumulative and you can use as much as needed, and the remaining allowance will be saved for you so that you can use that as and when needed within the 12-month period.
Does EdisonOS charge transaction fees?
Nope, we don't deal with any payments/transactions directly. You will be subscribing to payment gateway providers of your choice: Razorpay, Stripe, Paypal, etc. You can then paste the API Key into your admin dashboard and start collecting payments seamlessly.
What is White-labelling?
When you subscribe to our paid plans, we give you lot of configurations for customising the look and feel of your platform including your brand elements which will make the platform so unique to your design system. The users of your website and mobile app will not even know that you are using EdisonOS under the hood. This is the most convenient way for one to launch their edtech website or app without worrying about branding or commissions.
What happens if I exceed my bandwidth?
If you are in the free plan, your services will work normally without any restrictions. We will notify you of bandwidth overage and give enough time for you to upgrade to a paid plan. If you are in the paid plan, We will communicate the consumed overage for the billing cycle and charge the same to your tagged card or bank account. We charge 0.40 USD or 25 INR per GB of overage.
What is the Fair Usage Policy for Unlimited Usage?
If the usage of any of the Unlimited variables (Number of Registered Users, Visitors to your website, Number of Content Uploads, Number of Instructors, etc) reaches unusually high levels (i.e., in the 99th percentile of all EdisonOS users), we do require that they work with our team to transition to a custom plan. If this occurs on your EdisonOS account, someone on our team will reach out to you about next steps. It’s worth noting that most accounts on EdisonOS would really never reach this threshold.
Are my Videos safer with EdisonOS?
EdisonOS secure the videos through our custom technology based on DRM like encryption and authentication. No Video downloader can download and play video content streamed natively within the platform using our custom player.
Will the Videos perform like YouTube?
Obviously, we are not a Video Tech giant like Youtube but we have done our best in terms of building our Video Infrastructure. We take on Youtube in two main areas: Uploaded Videos are prone to advertisements and can be downloaded easily. Our Video Infrastructure supports seamless upload of video files, each video is further processed to multiple resolutions, secured with DRM like encryption and finally streamed with our custom video player. This helps you in two ways: The content is super secured which prevents someone from illegally downloading your videos and second during the video playback, based on user's internet speed, the videos are automatically buffered and streamed in bits with dynamic change in resolution for making the experience seamless like OTT platforms(Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc)
Do I own my Content?
Absolutely! You own all the data and content you upload. We will never use, share your content and user data.
Is there any limit to how much content I can upload?
Nope. There are no limits on the storage size or number of content blocks. However, as any unlimited usage variable, it is subject to our fair usage policy.

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